Pre Wedding Photographer Prague

Are you looking for Pre-wedding Photographer from Prague? So you are on the right website! I am a professional pre-wedding photographer based in Prague.

pre wedding photographer prague

Pre wedding photo shoot price

Starting price for pre-wedding photoshoot is 200 EUR. Basic package offers up to 3 hours of taking prewedding photos. Read more about prices of pre wedding photos.


Advantages of a pre wedding photo session

What are main reasons for taking photos before your wedding day?

Pre wedding is good training for you

Pre wedding photoshoot is good training for you before important photo session of your wedding day. Maybe you did not stay in front of camera of professional photographer never before, so you can try the feeling, try some different poses and actions, try to communicate with photographer. You will see final photos before your wedding day, so you will realize what pose or expression works for you and what you should rather avoid.

Differences of pre wedding vs. wedding photo session

Pre wedding photo session is a good opportunity for taking photos in another place than venue of your wedding day. It means prewedding and wedding photos will have very different look. It is not only about Prague as a foreign city. For some people it can be also  difference of a urban look from Prague vs. nature look of their planned wedding day. I encourage you: try something different! Probably you will have wedding in another month than your visit of Prague, so the difference of weather season and climate of foreign country scores positive points for you too. Different city and country, different photographer, different approach, different day time and season, different weather and different clothes! How can you say your photos will be similar in your wedding day? Every photo shoot is different!

Enjoy pre-wedding without limitations!

One other advantage is related to the clothes - probably you will have very formal wedding dress for your wedding day. During your wedding day you will be limited in movement, because you will have to take care of your dress, to not tear it, to not get dirty. In your wedding you will be limited in running, jumping, leaning on the not-super-clean tree or wall. Why not to choose something different for your pre-wedding photoshoot? Take your usual informal clothes and do whatever you want to! Turn crazy, enjoy these moments without limitations, run through beautiful historic city of Prague full of enthusiasm. Yes, it is not only about your photos. It is about your experience. Just enjoy it!


What will you get after pre-wedding photo session

  • unlimited amount of digital prewedding photos
  • videopresentation with prewedding photos and music

See my photos of engagement photos.


Approach of pre-wedding photo session

The approach of taking photos is almost the same for prewedding photo session as for engagement, after wedding or every other couple photo session. Let's have a fun!


Clothes and make-up for pre-wedding photos

Can be simple, both formal and informal. Depends on you. Read more about clothes for a photo session.


Recommended route for pre-wedding in Prague

I will recommend you the best prewedding route for you, according to your individual needs. Read more about recommended Prague pre wedding routes.


How will you find me?

See my photo and get my phone number. Give me your phone number. Together we will arrange day, time and place to meet each other.


Is prewedding photo session good for you?

If you are not a model or a television moderator, you are not used to stay in front of a camera. Maybe you have never stayed as a model for a professional photographer. As written above, you can take pre wedding photo session as a training before your actual wedding day. You will see approach of a professional wedding photographer, so you will be more confident for your real wedding day and finally you can learn something from your prewedding photos, so you will see which expression or idea you like and you can be inspired by it for the wedding day.

Difference between wedding and pre-wedding photos

Definitely prewedding photo shooting will be somehow different from your wedding photo shooting. Take it into your advantage, because you will have various photos! You can use informal clothes and lay down on a ground, lean against a tree or a wall, you don't have to be afraid about cleanness of your clothes! You can do actions which are not possible in your wedding day. Enjoy it!

Pre wedding video presentation

Also, you can use your photos from prewedding photo session in printed book which you can show to your wedding guests. You will get slideshow of photos from me (Full HD video presentation with music), which is also good to turn on by a projector or display on some monitor during your wedding day.